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Several XML applications exist for marking up and presenting resumes or curricula vitae, and there are doubtless a plethora of individually-designed systems for the personal use of their authors. This is another.


The aim is for ResXML to support a set of features which make it a very functional tool for generating resumes for actual use from your XML instance. These features are being added incrementally to the schema and the stylesheets.

Current features

  • Multiple output formats can be generated from a single master XML resume:

    • HTML

    • PDF and PostScript (via XSLFO)

    • Plain text.

  • PDF output supports the following options:

    • Title page

    • PDF bookmarks

    • PDF document security features.

  • Labels for section headings are user-customisable.

  • A resume can include a photograph of its author, and this can be rendered in a number of ways to each output format.

Proposed features

  • Annotation of different sections and subsections with user-specifiable labels will be possible. This will facilitate the production of different versions of a resume targeted at different audiences.

  • Full internationalisation to support resume production in multiple languages should be easily implemented.

Using the system

Some questions of interest are answered in the FAQ. There is also a sample XML resume and its output.

To use this system now would require a reasonable working knowledge of XML and a good working knowledge of the kind of tools required to produce output: at the very least an XSLT transformer and an XSLFO renderer. It is beyond the scope of this project to cover the use of the toolchain at this stage, though we plan to produce more documentation in the future.


ResXML moved to SourceForge in November 2004, and is being actively developed. There are two mailing lists:

Feel free to join either or both. We welcome feedback from users, and there is scope for new developers to join in.